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WALKING TOURS will be scheduled in the near future.  Please call the Museum for further information.


90-minute overview of historic
downtown Hood River


Our Historic Walking Tours of Downtown Hood River will delight
your whole family. Whether you're a visitor or a long-time resident,
you'll enjoy learning about the frontier beginnings of Hood River
and its later development.

Stories of the origins of the buildings we pass everyday on Oak, Cascade and State Streets, will fascinate and delight the historian in you. You'll learn about the native people who lived at the mouth of the Hood River, the early settlers, entrepreneurs and leaders who made Hood River an important center of the fruit industry and later, the recreation and tourist industry that thrives today.

Regular tours are scheduled in the summer months and tours for groups of 6 or more can be scheduled at your convenience. Bring your guests, club members or classmates! Tickets are $10 per person and include free entry to the Museum at any time. Call the Museum for more information.

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