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Temporary exhibitions bring into sharp focus people, events, and/or artifacts that deserve special attention. Each new project is designed to share the joy of discovery with our visitors by offering first-hand encounters with real objects.

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Not Just A Footnote: Women Who Shaped Hood River History

On exhibition at The History Museum of Hood River County, March 10-June 30, 2023

Teachers. Nurses. Artists. Entrepreneurs. Historians. Activists. Community Builders. Women in Hood River County have played an integral role in the foundation and growth of our society. However, they receive little acknowledgement, often relegated to a footnote in history books. Only 103 years ago, women had to fight for the basic right to vote. Much has changed since then, and today women in our society are on more equal ground with men. But the stories of their determination, ingenuity, self-sacrifice, and commitment to bettering their communities for the future, deserve a spotlight. This exhibition tells the stories of a few of the many remarkable women from our area. As you encounter these trailblazers, we encourage you to think of the amazing women in your lives and community. The women in this exhibition and countless others paved the way for them.


A Long Road to Travel: The Service of Japanese American Soldiers in WWII

On exhibition at The History Museum of Hood River County, August 12-December 31, 2022

On exhibition at the Japanese American Museum of Oregon in 2023, February

Second generation Japanese American (Nisei) soldiers played a pivotal role in supporting the U.S. war effort during World War II. A Long Road to Travel focuses on the long trek that these soldiers traveled to serve their country, overcome prejudice at home, and achieve recognition for their heroism. Expanding on the Oregon Historical Society traveling exhibition What if Heroes Were Not Welcome Home, this exhibition will explore these important stories and encourage questioning of ourselves and others. 

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Splash into the surprising history of laundry! Discover how an ordinary chore can reveal details about culture, community, and life.


Check out the final chapter of our three-part exhibition
Cheers! From Teetotalers to Tasting Rooms

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Be sure to see this informative and fascinating exhibition before it closes!
“Oregon is an inspiration. Whether you come to it, or
are born to it, you become entranced
by our state’s beauty, the opportunity she affords, and the
independent spirit
of her citizens.”

Governor Tom McCall, 1973


OREGON VOICES examines some of the important people, events, and ideas that have shaped the state in the modern era, from the end of World War II to the present. It features the people of Oregon, from Native Americans, who have lived here since time immemorial, to recent arrivals. It looks at Oregonians who have fought for and against social change. And it explores the land—how people have used it and how they have worked to save it.

April 1
thru May 31


Oregon Voices traveling exhibition is provided by the Oregon Historical Society

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