300 E Port Marina Dr, Hood River, OR 97031, USA

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©2019 by The History Museum of Hood River County


Temporary exhibitions bring into sharp focus people, events, and/or artifacts that deserve special attention. Each new project is designed to share the joy of discovery with our visitors by offering first-hand encounters with real objects.


July thru December

Taking to the Water—
Water Sports in the Gorge

The unique topography and climate of the Mid-Columbia River Gorge have provided optimum conditions for sports of many kinds.


Of particular importance to the vitality of Hood River, local enthusiasts harnessed the river’s currents and the gorge’s winds to create a recreational mecca focused on water sports: windsurfing, kiteskiing, kiteboarding, SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding), and now hydrofoiling.


       Including the museum’s own
       Darby Board (one of only two

       existing examples of Newman
       Darby’s first sailboard), we
       focus on the history and
       technical dynamics of these
       water sports.

Looking Ahead—

INNOVATION Local Inventors—Remarkable Creativity

Our small community has produced an amazing array of innovations in every sphere of human activity—agricultural, aquaculture, recreation, and engineering technology. From late-19th-century school desks, to 20th-century fruit sorters and electrical circuit switches, to unmanned aerial vehicles—the list of innovative devices and technologies originating in the area or significantly improved by local ingenuity is impressive.


Who were/are the local inventors? What did they invent? What did they patent? Practical, actual innovative items will be teamed with engineering illustrations to reveal the inner workings of local inventions and innovations.